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Legal Video Services

Certified Deposition Videography
camera2 As Certified Legal Video Specialists, Evans Videography adheres to all applicable local and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure that govern appropriate methods for video deposition recording. We use the latest technology to ensure the highest quality legal video. We provide our clients flexible media options in standard or high definition from tape based (Mini DV, DVCAM, and HDV) to magneto-optical media (Standard DVD, Data DVD, Blu-Ray).
Day in the Life Documentary
wheelchair Utilized to portray the impact of catastrophic injuries suffered by a plaintiff, these video presentations place the juror into the daily life struggles of the individual and vividly demonstrate your client's dependencies, limitations and other life altering consequences due to the injuries they sustained. A well prepared day-in-the-life video can communicate your client's physical and emotional pain and suffering in a way that words cannot.

Site Inspection Videography
camera4 Video documentation of a site or area where safety issues (faulty designs, construction defects, machinery malfunctions) have resulted in injury can enhance an investigator's testimony at trial. This form of demonstrative evidence can help visually identify line of site problems, demonstrate product liability and assist jurors in evaluating complex litigation terminology and engineering concepts.